‘Social Storage’ by Dean Brown.

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Dean Brown is a London based designer with an interest in cultural artefacts, visitor experience and narrative driven installations. Alongside his own practice he was a long term design resident and senior consultant for Fabrica - a Design Research Centre based in Treviso, Italy. His work has been exhibited internationally at the Milan Furniture Fair, London Design Festival, the V&A, The Aram Gallery and Design Museum, London. Dean was born and raised in Scotland and looks accordingly.

‘Social Storage’ by Dean Brown.

In the good old days, our shelves carried vast CD collections and our wardrobe doors were adorned with holiday snaps. These personality-defining aspects have since been drained from our homes and siphoned discretely into Spotify, Instagram, Twitter and the like.

Social Storage responds to this contemporary condition, addressing the gap between our online and offline personas, where large facets of our “curated self” are locked inside our devices. Using mini projectors, this furniture collection softens the edges between the online and offline persona, bringing the most relatable aspects of the online experience out of the screen and back into the home.

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Derived from the most talkable, routine aspects of our online experience, these three pieces of furniture are designed to host music, weather and travel, accommodated within an augmented bookshelf, coat stand and globe. These analogue storage devices make space for the online and offline facets of our personality simultaneously: an umbrella sits next to a #londonweather update, a Spotify Playlist sits next to the maneki-neko you bought in Barbados.

Social Storage creates a more realistic, well-rounded space for our online and offline tastes, gently nudging these somewhat removed aspects of our personality back into the home.

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