‘Believe in your feed’ by Gastón Lisak & Nicole Vindel in collaboration with Daniel Grau.

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Gastón Lisak and Nicole Vindel are a tandem of design researcher and artist that believe in the power of happiness and humor as catalyst for change. Part of Vindel's design research include, development of advanced materials for Materfad, discovering new ways of interaction and user experience at the high cuisine for "el Celler de Can Roca" and mechanical design at the Innovation Nacelle Department. Lisak is a former teacher at the University in Barcelona. Researcher member at the Elisava Innovation Lab, leading workshops that focus on service design and co-creation. For this installation they have been collaborating with great interaction designer and tech magician, Daniel Grau from

‘Believe in your feed’ by Gastón Lisak & Nicole Vindel in collaboration with Daniel Grau.

The increased use of technology in our daily lives has made us more efficient and productive. Along the way, however, it has rendered our personal and collective memory weak and narrow. We have become accustomed to receiving easy, real- time responses to everything.
An escape from effort. Our memory and concentration have grown highly dependent. We are becoming shallow: emotionally involved with an attack in Paris, the death of a legendary musician or debate about the refugee crisis when they are trending topics.

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Our loyalties are fleeting. We would like to think that the ability to get excited (or emotional) and the collective memory are still related to the collective judgment.
We would like to think that we are still able to focus as a single entity (or thinker) with a collective judgment. We are free to give life to issues that are really important. We are free to feed the themes we wish to be fed.

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