‘Nomu’ by Matteo Loglio.

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Matteo Loglio is a designer and creative technologist based in London.
He is one of the founders of Primo, where he works on tech-toys for the early years, as well as being a visiting lecturer in digital media at Central Saint Martins college. His work has been awarded by institutions such as the Interaction Design Association and displayed in numerous exhibitions around the world, such as the MoMA in New York and the MiT.

‘Nomu’ by Matteo Loglio.

The ability to be always connected is often too much to resist. This can sometimes lead to a loss of control, with behaviours prompted by digital communication interfering with daily activities, work, and relationships.

These behaviours are often unconscious: they become mechanical actions triggered by the reward systems designed in these services, to get our attention and keep us scrolling. Nomu is designed to filter unwanted content from the online experience, it helps to enjoy the internet without distractions. Rules can be set for specific time units, then only the allowed content is displayed.

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Nomu can be used to plan up to two hours of internet usage. Each coloured block represents an activity, composed by a time unit and rules to filter a specific set of websites, defined by the user. The tangible component works together with a browser extension that defines filters and blocks unapproved sites.

By planning the activities before opening the browser, we are in control of our online experience. Even if the plan is to browse Facebook for two hours, this project helps us to achieve what we really want.

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