‘I/O’ by Paul Macgregor.

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Paul Macgregor is a London based freelance designer. Working primarily in digital he has designed websites and mobile apps for clients including Google, Airbnb and It's Nice That.

‘I/O’ by Paul Macgregor.

This piece deals with the theme of Compulsive Behaviours - specifically looking at the distraction of the Internet and the disruption it can cause to the working day - the constant checking of news, social media and other, potentially harmful, browsing habits. I/O is a browser plugin that is visible each time a user opens a new tab. Borrowing from nudge theory, there are no constraints, or limitations on the user - but instead simply a visual cue, alerting them to the time they have spent online that day and whether it is within their chosen limits.

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In addition to the immediate visual feedback, the user can also look at more detailed information on their browsing over time - allowing them to identify patterns and habits.
Research has suggested that people react better to suggestion than prescription. I/O looks to embrace that idea and gently guide users away from excessive Internet use.

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