‘Fidgety Machines’ by Takram.

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Takram London is a norm violating, reality bending, ever questioning, ever experimenting design studio formed in 2015 by Takram Design Engineering Tokyo. Fluent in design and engineering, hardware and software, problem-solving and conceptual exploration, we combine industry-driven projects and self-initiated experiments. Recent projects include Zensei, a collaboration with MIT Media Lab Camera Culture Group, and Hydrogen Ball, a speculative design proposal for H2OPE Magazine in collaboration with Dentsu Inc.

‘Fidgety Machines’ by Takram.

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Fidgety Machines is a response to a situation in which human beings have become machines that obsessively process information fed by social media. Hidden within this dynamic is our subservient relationship with the infrastructure that supports digital communication.

Over-checking of social media platforms, being the first to post events, and fear of missing out are pervasive aspects of obsessive compulsion. Rather than lamenting them, Fidgety Machines embraces these behaviours as positive skills.

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We have constructed a reality close to our own where our data is constantly monitored and interpreted by machines. In this scenario, compulsive behaviours are exploited to create noise that confuses the machines’ algorithms, providing a camouflage protection for our privacy.

All three devices in the exhibit are designed to create junk data by harnessing the physical tics that typify compulsive disorders.

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